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(no subject)
anonybot wrote in anonymous_qs
How do you feel about booty calls?

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I see nothing wrong with them as long as everyone's clear that that's all it is.

As long as the caller is up front about his/her intentions, I see no problem with booty calls in general. There are certain situations where they might not be appropriate but then it moves from booty calling to cheating, IMO. Of course it all depends on the boundaries of the relationship.

I'd go for one right now.

In fact I might be having a sort-of one next week. Hee.

So long as all parties involved are okay with it being just that, then no issue. It starts to me a little grey when the booty call is with an ex who may not be completely over you, or with someone who is overly enamored with you, or the person is hopeful that this is a sign that it can turn into more... ect. ect. then I'd have a different opinion on it, but two or more individuals who understand that, at that moment, it's just for the sex or companionship? No issue.

Good luck with that?!?

I have been called for that before, my response has always been a mixture of feeling flattered and insulted. Either way the answer is No.

It's different when in a relationship and I get a text say "missing you, meet me at xyz for lunch ;) don't wear panties"

They're very useful

My days of one night stands and booty calls are long gone. They left me feeling used, confused and utterly shite. Nowadays I can't imagine sleeping with anyone I wasn't in a relationship with.

"Yay!" for others. Fuck no for myself.

Well they're very convenient.

I'm all for 'em. It's my broadstroked opinion that you should be having as much sex as feasibly possible. You being the general you, as in, everybody.

Way to run the community into the ground, fuckface

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