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(no subject)
anonybot wrote in anonymous_qs
Sexually, I tend to be a 'go all night long' kinda girl, or all day long. I have fun and I like to make sure my partner is having fun too. I'm not opposed to quickies but I really enjoy holing up for a weekend and going at it until the parts just stop working.

Would you say this (sex marathoning) is a good or bad quality in a relationship and why?

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I think it would depend on how often you want something like that and how demanding you are of it.

Depends entirely on the partner and how willing you and he/she are willing to compromise. Some people enjoy that kind of thing, others don't.

This exactly!

I'm so tired of people comparing their sex lives to everyone elses. If both (or all!) partners in the relationship are happy with the amount of sex they're getting (whether it's 5 times a day or once every 5 years) that's all that matters!

</bitchy cow>

I tried to answer this and I just wound up confusing myself because there are so many variables to the answer.

I'll take hugs and tenderness over a marathon any day. I would not last long in a relationship that demanded that from me.

Yeah. I personally couldn't do it. But if both partners are compatible in that way. sure, go for it and all the more power to you...

As others said, it depends on the person. A person like me would be ecstatic to comply. A person like my SO would be "eh" neither pleased nor displeased, but amused. Most of my friends would probably be horrified at the prospect of this being demanded of them, and cautious with anyone who even wanted this more than once in a blue moon. Often a full spectrum exists here.

I don't think anyone will get particularly >:( if you don't DEMAND it so much as hint towards it and let it naturally happen.

I'm the exact same way, and so is my girlfriend, I believe it's not a bad thing at all as long as your relationship isn't all about the sex, then your good. ;) I have a very healthy relationship with my girl both sexually and spiritually.

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