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(no subject)
anonybot wrote in anonymous_qs
Have you ever lashed out and said hateful, hurtful things to someone and later felt guilty for yelling, but realized that what you said was true?

How do you go about apologizing for something like that? "I'm sorry for how I said that, but I'm not sorry for what I said" seems like a dick thing to say.

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Keeping in mind I don't know what it was about or what you said, maybe you should think a little longer about what you said. None of us are perfect and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate someone pointing out all your faults in a dickish way. Once you're able to empathize with this person you'll likely come up with something better.

"I'm sorry for lashing out at you like that" or a variation thereof should suffice. You're not apologizing for lying, anyway - you're apologizing for letting emotions get the better of you and not giving the other person the respect of having a civil and level disagreement. And you're right in that it's a dick move to bring up and rehash what was being said just because you realize it's *not* a lie. That has no place in the apology whatsoever.

If it's an important enough, game-changing realization, of course, it might need to be addressed in the future. But a sincere apology for letting yourself fly off the handle is not the time to address it formally.

this, or i'm sorry for hurting your feelings.

I'd go with "I'm sorry, shouldn't have yelled"


"I'm really sorry I said those harsh words the other day. Lashing out at you like I did was rude and uncalled for. However, there are some things I think we should talk about, once we're both clear-headed and ready. Communication is important n'all!


I never said I was sorry, but I went over to her house and spent 2 hours waiting on her doorstep for her to let me in so I'd be forgiven.

"I'm sorry for lashing out that way. It ewasn't fair of me to berate on you so much all at once, as I should have just sooner addressed things if I had a problem."

Yes, here's some advice

yes i have, i am only on this cos im feeling bad and want to help other ppl but when i did that i didnt talk to the person for a bit then tried to talk to them and i suggest (like you sugested) that you say im sorry the way it came out, i didnt want to hurt you, but that is how i feel on the matter. Also sorry my spelling sucks. if then he or she says they dont want to be friends or somthing say, im sorry i hurt you that much, i never wanted to hurt you (well if thats true) and see if they change their minds. i hope this helps x

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