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(no subject)
anonybot wrote in anonymous_qs
What do your friends do that makes you sad?

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Move to a different state without telling me. Take money from me and never pay it back. Use me. Ruin their relationships. Get drunk and do stupid shit that worries or embarrasses me. Forget to take their meds. Express disbelief in certain mental illnesses (one of which I have). Forget to vote. Fail to be good to themselves. Fail to see their own worth. Belittle my feelings. Condescend me. Abandon me.

At some point, I should make a list of things they do that make me happy. Or a list of things I've done that probably make them sad. It's all give and take, both the shit and the good times.

continue to see a person that physically abuses them. to the point of blood and bruises.

It's what they don't do that makes me sad. People change over the years, I guess that's just a given. They don't bother to understand me or understand things from my perspective. I know it may be hard but it wouldn't kill them to at least try. Rather than them just saying "okay" and dismissing my thoughts and feelings completely.

I was talking to a friend on Skype, and all of a sudden he pulls out oxycodone and starts smoking it. I'd never seen that anywhere except on Intervention, and for some reason I'm still really sad about it. :/

They move to other continents, thus making it impossible to see one another.

She used to SI.

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